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Hi, welcome to my page!


I'm Angela, an illustrator from Germany and I would be happy to draw for you!

I love to create new characters, cute animals, fashion and editorial illustrations to make your books and products into something special!

Originally I studied fashion design in Berlin and worked in this branch, before I learned more about graphic design. Here I got to know how to create and prepare the drafts for printing. I then worked for 5 years as a graphic designer in an advertising agency.


But what I love mostly and still love, was and is the illustration!


I hope you enjoy it!




PS: My little dolly here is the link to my instagram page, where you can find more of my illustrations and sketches.

I have drawn since I was a child and I like to try out new brushes, materials and techniques in drawing and painting. But my favourite technique is sketching with ink pens and colouring with copic markers or watercolours.

My own two children have inspired me to draw more and more for the children's book market. Here I create my own special kind of characters, which have their roots in my fashion design studies and now live on in many cute illustrations for children.

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